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Maternal and child stores with what kind of supermarket shelves?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29

maternal and child stores is the product of modern society, will be formed, the trend of the development of the society, with the development of the society, maternal and child stores market future development, and continuously expand each streets with maternal and infant stores. Whether maternal and child stores what the shelves just right, the supermarket shelves small make up the state less to make a brief introduction:

from store shelves to differentiate the following several, maternal and child stores single frame, maternal and child stores double rack, maternal and infant milk powder, maternal and infant diapers, cosmetic rack, feeding supplies, mummy supplies, children's clothing shelves, tongchuang shelves, promotions, exhibition was opened to traffic, spare parts and stores the checkout counter, store photos, toys products, image design.

first in the color of the shelf, maternal and child stores to give a person with warm according to; For many prospective parents it is a warm process, so the maternal and child stores also to keep up with this kind of customer psychology. Maternal and child stores mainly customers or child at the same time, so on to have the feeling of cartoon, in this way can attract children's attention. So it is important to note that the choices and shelf color not ivory is the best; Relative to character, rice may be able to bring a better result.

there is choice of maternal and infant store shelves must be beautiful, safe. Beautiful isn't pretty good, and should be bright, because the child as a child, these bright, easy to be around the eye to attract live. General shelves are iron layer board, for example, you change the glass, the reload their lanterns, compared to other shelves it is more beautiful. There is safety, because maternal and child stores, there is often a child came in shelves of choose and buy as far as possible to avoid the too much detail, in order to avoid harm to children playing, let parents more rest assured.

in the end, is from store shelves put, most of the customers, are basically the young parents, or parents plus children. So at the time of product placement, must be put toys such as the door; The clothing and baby supplies on both sides of the store. Toys that can attract children passing by, maternal and child stores should seize this & other children; Irrational consumption & throughout; 。 At the same time, the toy is not children must, in the stores in and out of the customers will see children's toys, it is easy to generate impulse impulse because of the love.

maternal use of supermarket shelves put with layout can't simply copy the supermarket model, which is determined by the maternal and child stores special consumer group, in the storefront fitment design, maternal and child shelf layout, product display, service concept, requires a high degree of as maternal and child store operator must thoroughly thinking and summary, can put the store business is good, improve turnover. If a friend in need can be consulting company

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