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Maternal and child supplies store shelves how to choose the _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
For maternal and infant supplies supermarket to choose a good display shelf, this is very important for a maternal and child stores, this for our future to in-store decoration, and display shelves put plays a very important role, when we put on the display shelves, have to be carefully planning for display shelf, display shelf is put in our design requirements, and consistent with the shop decorate a style. For future lay a good foundation for the management, but also can attract customers, increase sales. Guangzhou Hshelf manufacturer general maternal and infant shop shelves mainly chosen is one box of double display shelves and steel wood display shelves, on the basis of material also is mainly divided into steel, wood and steel combined structure. A single display shelf, mother and baby shop: the general divided into layer plate structure and the hook type two kinds: the display shelf arrangement such as bottles and flatness of things; Belt hook type shelves first against the wall for maternal and infant stores line of children's various seasonal clothing primarily. Two double display shelf, mother and baby shop: maternal and infant stores double sided shelves for island generally display shelf, use also is put in the middle of the store, due to the low double shelf height, so more suitable for maternal and child assist food products. Three steel shelves, mother and baby shop: steel-wood display shelves are generally try cutting optional display shelf, is made up of wood and steel, style diversity, and combined with soft lights, light up there is a feeling of warmth. These shelves can be very good with maternal and infant store decoration style effects, and better promote the customers' purchases. But from the shelves of durability, steel wood shelves relative to wooden shelves use time longer.
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