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Maternal and infant shop sales of milk powder high three skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Any of the maternal and child stores, milk powder is belong to high sales volume, high profit and high demand of goods, is the core of in-store sales. So what are the skills can help to promote sales of milk powder? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves today manufacturers summarizes three tips to everyone! Secret: boost sales by adjusting the structure of 1, lower milk powder in the sales of milk powder is a strong relationship with customers, and customers quantity will not less and less because of milk powder. Rather than expanding display surface to sell milk powder, slightly create the illusion of a sell out of stock, cause customer buying frenzy. 2. Increase in sales of high-end milk powder proportion another adjustment way is to adjust the structure of the inside of the milk powder, pay attention to organic milk powder, OPO formula and well-known brands of milk powder proportion, the initiative to meet the diverse needs of customers, seize more premium memberships. Tip 2: by combining display sales up 1. High-end + terminal + low-end collocation maternal and infant milk powder shop customers consumption level must have high low, even if your mother takes high-end course, also have the right proportion of mid-range goods, to ensure that as much as possible to meet the needs of more customers, help to expand consumption. 2. The balance of the imported milk powder + domestic milk powder imported milk powder and domestic milk powder have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as imported milk powder good reputation, low cost but high profits; Domestic milk powder word of mouth, but it is more suitable for nutritional needs of the Chinese people, low cost high profits. So the ratio of the two products balance, more use of sales. Secret 3:1 by grasping the core promotion sales. Milk powder to select 1 - seize the core flow Two well-known formula sheet is tasted, cooperate with brand manufacturer or distributor, strive for more brand resources than others, then this a few item do big influence, let it can store drainage, thus promote the overall sales. 2. Select 2 to seize the core profit formula Three strong background strength formula sheet is tasted, want to have a certain reputation in the market, and integrated gross margin or pure interest rate is higher than other brands, to promote these milk powder. Such as general merchandise demand were 30%, 5% increase on the core product - 10%. Relevant article recommended maternal and child stores display of milk powder, history the most detailed explanation! Maternal and child supplies milk shelves display should pay attention to what issues? 【 The essence of 】 How to do a maternal and child stores have a temperature
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