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【 Must see 】 3 big money doorways _ 【 drugstore Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Pharmacy to be successful business is not simple, not only to formulate the corresponding marketing strategy, but also from the drug store image design, pharmacy shelves put, pharmacy items do consider all aspects, such as today' Hshelf shelf 】 Simple description of the doorways to everyone: a, drug stores image design ( 1) , drug stores and convenience stores or supermarkets, sales of goods are mostly medicine, pharmacy to show to the customer's image mainly is clean and tidy, so the choice of whether drugstore shelves is still pharmacy is tonal choice should prefer to stable, shoulds not be too lively. ( 2) , the area of pharmacy should clear, general pharmacies are divided into traditional Chinese medicine, prescription, over-the-counter, health care products, such as the structure design of the whole pharmacy division and clear, and should follow certain principles, good shopping environment and shopping experience for the customer. Second, the variety of goods on pharmacy ( 1) , general small pharmacies with stores area is not large, so the sales of the items will be relatively less, but the prescription and over-the-counter drugs are the two essential to some. ( 2) , the larger drugstore items should be more substantial, to retain more regular customers. So large and medium-sized pharmacy on the choice of items can also add Chinese traditional medicine such as makeup, medical equipment, health products, medicine, content requirements of different customers. Three, pharmacy shelves put ( 1) , drugstore shelves of use in different regions of the world will have certain difference, no shelves across regions can be disorder, or you will make the customer feel your pharmacy is very unprofessional, also won't come again next time. ( 2) , pharmacy shelves display products to simple and clear, the price is clear, and even the clerk arrangement timely replenishment, rather than try to put all the goods are piled up on the shelf, affect customers take goods, causing inconvenience. ( 3) Signs, shelf had better configure corresponding classification, let customers more quickly find the commodity which want to, don't put the time stretched out looking for commodities.
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