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Over the years what are the supermarket shelves size

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
The development of this year, also have sad, but the most commonly used and custom's biggest supermarket shelf, which is nothing but a few. This also explains, the requirements of individual character, not many, as long as the conventional supermarket shelves size can be achieved. 90 cm long * 45 cm wide * 1. 5 meters high and/or 1. Eight meters high. 760 cm long * 45 cm wide * 1. 5 meters high and/or 1. Eight meters high. Square tube cross section size is 70 * 40 ( Length * width) , material thickness 2. 5mm。 Single force of 600 kg, to allow maximum deflection to 1/1000 of the height, safety coefficient is 1. 5. Single specification for D450 L900 * * H1350 - 1800 mm for D900 L900 * * H1350 - double sided specifications 1800毫米。 The back-shelf supermarket available more than five hundred square meters, hung back, specifications are: L1200 * D500 - 600*H1800- 2400 mm double L1200 * D1000 - 1200*H1600*2000mm. The size of the average supermarket shelves is single: 900 * 450 * 1800 reversible wide long: 900 * 900 * 1500 ( 1600). Units: mm. Supermarket shelves, main commonly, 1. 2 - 1. 0 8 meters, deputy channels. 9 - 1. 2 meters, can divide the size of the supermarket shelves, close to the size of the traffic. As long as you are familiar with the above several elder brother size supermarket shelves, you can know that supermarket shelves of some of the basic size and specifications, also can calmly engaged in this industry and development.
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