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Practical Ways to Boost Economic Performance of Your Pet Shop

Practical Ways to Boost Economic Performance of Your Pet Shop


Given the significant growth seen in the pet supply industry, pet store retailers have been consistently on the rise over the past twenty years. In this article, we detail four ways in which pet store owners can increase their sales with an effective store design and promotions that will meet the increasing demand of the consumer segment.


Feature a Pet of the Week/Month on your blog or in your newsletter 

Whenever a customer comes into your store with their pet(s), take a photo and post it on your blog or in your e-newsletter. You could also invite customers to send their favorite pet photos for you to post on your business's blog.


Give out Free Samples

Giving out free samples of food or new products can help encourage new customers to try that, and potentially continue to purchase, that item, creating customer loyalty in the process. Partner with an animal shelter or rescue organization to hold pet adoption days. This is a great way to promote your business, plus perform a valuable service to the community.


Display Heavy Bags of Food Along the Store Perimeter

The Handy Store Fixtures Wide Span Shelving units are the perfect store fixture displays for merchandising heavy bags of food. It’s likely that purchasing bags of dog or cat food is the primary reason for your customers to shop in your pet store. One of the many benefits to using Wide Span Shelving is that you can merchandise a significant amount of food and display the decks to your best advantage. Similar to the grocery store model of presenting milk in the far parameters of the store, you want your customers to follow a direct path to the heavy bags of food that will entice them to purchase add-on items such as treats, toys, bedding, and other pet accessories.


Merchandise Impulse Products at Checkout Counters

Retail Sales Counters are perfect for displaying impulse products near cash registers for when your customers wait to check out. Impulse merchandising effectively presents products to help persuade customers to make unplanned or additional purchases. These items add to total sales significantly, and impulse purchases have an enormous impact on a pet store’s gross profit. For an independently-owned retail business, merchandise treats, candy, small toys, and gift certificates in this area.



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