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Retail Gondola Shelving System: The Must-Have For Your Store

Retail Gondola Shelving System: The Must-Have For Your Store


Gondola shelving system has been the mainstay of retail – a familiar sight in virtually every sort of store, from the neighborhood supermarket to the corner pharmacy, from the designer stores to the bargain outlets. The expression "gondola shelving" typically conjures up a picture of generic, functional, pre-fabricated semi-automatic metal shelving units, and honestly, that is what you will see in most retail stores. But, that is not the entire story in regards to retail gondola shelving. There are lots of choices aside from the gondola fixtures everybody else has, choices which are only as robust and flexible as these conventional units, but far more appealing and important for your store.


What Is The Retail Gondola Shelving?

The gondola shelving system is most likely best known as a freestanding unit, also called an "island". The shelving is put on the ground with a central metal piece, heavy-duty, offering the backing for shelving on both sides. You can fresh the look of the island by using the metal paneling as is, or installing pegboard backing to display items. Shelving is then fastened on both sides of the central piece. Configure shelving displays by using islands separately or joining them together with different units to get a more significant displaying effect. All these "conjoined" units are known as "runs". There are also other retail gondola shelving components:

End caps

As their name implies, end caps are often placed at the end of gondola shelving system. End caps expand display space readily and easily since they are the exact same width and height as the island or runs they are alongside. They blend in with the existing shelving for a cohesive appearance.

Wall unit

The wall unit resembles the island but has only one side shelving, not both sides. The wall unit is put against a wall and isn't freestanding.


Why Retail Gondola Shelving Is A Necessity For For Your Store

Preparing a brick-and-mortar store is a tricky enterprise. Not only do you need to make an area that showcases all your merchandise nicely, but you must take action in a means which is also functional. You need to integrate the gondola shelving system into your store, and you may do it without making it boring.

Retail gondola shelving is a common thing for the retail industry because of its sturdy construction, changeability, and versatility. As a retailer, you do not need to be stuck using static shelving. Rather, select this shelving for your display needs – either temporary or "permanent" – which may be put up and broken down readily. Change your shop's design as you want to, in a quick manner. Elect for a fresh, and brand new appearance, or even reconfigure to make the best use of space if you intend to broaden your stock available.

Every Store Needs Gondola Shelving System

Some may caution you to proceed from regular gondola shelving into a much more upscale design or special store fittings. But, there's still a place for conventional shelving in virtually every store. Look around in the stores next to you. Even a number of the most recent establishments have conventional retail gondola shelving, at least in one area. These shelves can not be moved as often as other store fittings. But, this means you won't need to fret about the fittings being pushed around, knocked over, or otherwise disturbed. A number of the additional perks of gondola shelves include:

1. They maximize space by providing pegboard backing to hang things, shelf units for things that are too big to hang, along with other configurations.

2. These shelves have been specially created for the ease of your customers.

3. This freestanding unit is double-sided and stands independently. There's not any need to join the fitting into a wall or handle the complex installation.

4. The gondola shelving system is a cost-effective solution to create more shelf space.

The Retail Gondola Shelving Can Be Flexibly Customized

Gondola units are all made to be flexible and multifunctional. Therefore, they could consist of slat walls for shelves, pegboards for hanging products, as well as mesh and wire baskets for smaller items, magazines, and much more. These units are also available in a variety of accessories to customize with ease. You may even find lighting fixtures to illuminate big products. Gondola shelving should not be the only fixture at your shop. But, it can offer a great deal of space in a single store fitting. If you're searching for a flexible, cost-effective approach to establishing your store, gondola shelving system may be exactly what you want.

Buy Once And Your Investment That Will Last For Years

Retail gondola shelving offers a long-term, effective retail display solution that not only is endlessly adaptable to your display needs but is hardy and durable also. Purchase once for years of reliable use which will reflect well in your bottom line and save your time, too.

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