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Seismic durable supermarket shelves

by:Hshelf     2020-06-13
In recent years, domestic earthquake things also appear a few times on TV, as the saying goes security-conscious die, in fact, things appear deserves our attaches great importance to, and supermarket shelves as a tool to protect the goods from damage, whether should also consider the seismic resistance of he? A rainy day, after all, the wind and cloud, be prepared than unprepared. Earthquake actually things start to get our supermarket shelves factory attaches great importance to, and has also embarked on technical improvement. From then on, the stand or fall of a warehouse shelves and value, is no longer look at its carrying capacity and durability, the seismic resistance of it will decide the future of the warehouse shelves. Supermarket shelves producers want to make seismic warehouse shelves, is not easy, but not impossible, to shelf structure laid hands on him: 1. Shelves of welding; In many welding parts are all made of full penetration groove welding, adopt unique connection between column and beam, and all connecting bolt adopt friction type high strength bolt. 2. The treatment of foot; Shelves with ground connection with the method of embedded parts, in the sole connected components in advance and the foundation of reinforcing cage welded together make its aseismatic ability is greatly increased.
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