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Select storage shelves need to see what aspects

by:Hshelf     2020-05-16
Select storage shelves need to see what storage shelves need to see what selection storage shelves need to value what city d storage shelves is easy to teach you how to choose? This is an issue of broad consumer attention, storage shelves of main function is used to store goods, a lot of time don't need to like other commodities blindly pay attention to the appearance of the shelf products. 1, the process problems. Shelves forming of the black thing that should be after oil removal, rust removal, pretreatment, phosphating, passivation, electrostatic spraying, high temperature curing, and other links. The quality of the powder is superior to bad points. Each shelf company has standard color commonly, spraying standard color general cost is low. If using a special color, in powder can increase the time limit for a project, waste powder, so the cost is relatively high. 2, the stability of the shelf storage shelf is the one of the key problems of steel structure design, the shelves of steel structure system is widely used to highlight the importance and urgency of the voltage stability study. Due to the storage shelves system of steel structure design, construction and use of there are many uncertainty factors, so it is necessary to introduce reliability analysis. 3, choose shelves must choose for you the characteristics of the warehouse, so before buying, be sure to advance planning, or make shelf factory professional and technical personnel are tailored for you, this will greatly increase the warehouse utilization to you, will make the possibility of future possible problem down to low. Storage shelves is mainly different from supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves, besides has the storage function is another important function of display function. Its height is usually design basis for people's height, so most of the supermarket shelves focuses more on the 3 m the following structure design. Warehouse storage shelves is generally applied to industry, city d esselte shelves are more focused on the upward development, make full use of storage space, can achieve more than 40 meters height, the design of the large logistics center can be a library shelf one-piece structure, namely first build shelves, shelves for the structure of the support structure, building after building structure, such as walls, roofs, etc. The emphasis is on storage, make full use of space and another important function - — Rapid processing goods circulation forms of storage shelves. Two shelves of the different function, the structure is also a far cry from.
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