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Share the importance of supermarket shelves and visual impact shopping consumer psychology

by:Hshelf     2020-06-05
Shelf equipment co. , LTD is a professional production and wholesale for the integration of comprehensive shelves manufacturers. Aluminum shelves and warehouse shelves is the flagship product. Mainly provide products: shelves, shelves, storage shelves, supermarket shelves, revolving display cabinets, electric swing frames. Wholesale merchants sell shelves, shelves shelves wholesale vendors, to compare under the rotary rack and the characteristics of mobile racking. Shelf equipment co. , LTD in the production of products will also explore the investigation of product. This period inspectors to visit a large supermarket found for the first time, go to the supermarket for the second time in to the location of the some items are changed, this phenomenon from the perspective of customers, arrange goods relatively fixed, return to the supermarket, reduces the time to search for goods. But from a market perspective, long-term fixed supermarket shelves, easy to lose the customer to the attention of other items, and produce a feeling of old inflexible. So some manufacturers put in goods for a long period will be adjusted, make customers to search for the required items, are drawn to the other items to the change of market at the same time the feeling that find everything new and fresh. But the shelf displays change too frequently, can cause customers, think market lack of scientific management, chaos, and jars of psychology. The following talk a supermarket shelves put method: ( 1) Products on supermarket shelves, put the old product before the shelves, new products are put on shelves after ( First in first out) ; ( 2) Product must be kept clean and neat; ( 3) In-store display products often can be effectively improved; ( 4) Distribution of new products to the target retail stores; ( 5) The target product distribution to the target retail store; ( 6) More reasonable display surface and use the company's help pin; ( 7) To prevent counterfeit, generic products placed beside; ( 8) The retail price management in place; ( 9) The products should be positive is put forward;
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