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Shelf factory answer: maternal and infant store shelves of choose and buy skills _' Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Maternal and child is one of the shelves kinds of commonly used retail store shelf, but because of the particularity of maternal and infant products, maternal and child shelves and is different from the common market of supermarket shelves, fresh, etc, if you are considering opening a maternal and child stores, the shelves of choice must pay attention to the following: 1, the structure size of pillar of maternal and infant shelves and store goods generally the weight of the piece goods are heavier, such as milk powder and see, for this kind of goods shelves of bearing has strict requirements, if use the size and structure of the post can't meet the needs of the bearing, don't choose, another is the pillar of the thickness of the steel, the same size of pillar, thickness for different bearing is also a big difference. 2 normal manufacturer, select normal manufacturer of plastic products of plastic spraying quality assured, quality is reliable, green environmental protection, common on market shelves, not to say that feeling style color almost can use, be sure to choose normal shelves manufacturers. 3, shelves form of assembly due to maternal and child stores pay more attention to stability and safety, so the pillar, end frame, main use screw to strengthen the connection between vice shelf is very be necessary. When purchasing from mother to child store shelves can ask manufacturer, a greater degree to ensure shelf stability and security of the whole. 4, the shelves of the detail processing of maternal and infant stores in the face of customers is not the same as a convenience store, so shelf will pay attention on details, such as shelf layer plate and bottom plate, arc design more human, more secure, as far as possible to reduce the iron material, etc.
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