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Shelf wholesale and how to do ability to reduce costs? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
We in chose for supermarket shelves, we should consider what we are used to pack, and what is the environment of the supermarket. Because the needle on a different environment will have corresponding shelf, this shelf life will not be affected. So let's in supermarket shelves wholesale what problem also needs to notice? Supermarket architecture: before planning, architecture is necessary to give full consideration to the supermarket itself, especially the height of the useful, it is important basis of resolution shelf height. Other, for the orientation of the beam should be based on actual pattern to adjust. Is survey of primary storage features: these goals in order to better the shape of shelves and measure of the specification in detail, it is also important specification affects its own strength. Other, storage methods of different makes many manufacturers choose shelf type is also different. Transfer equipment: look at this point, needs to consider is the content of the channel width and height, which is transferred by resolution model chosen for the important basis. Other, lifting height and goods weight also can't neglect. Access frequency: the frequency and method of access is worth to the attention of the meet of object, it has a great reference value on the shelves of the planning is also. First you have to know, into the fork direction, bearing capacity of shelves shelves scale biggest component, each shelf needs to store goods. To prevent the shelves do not affect the use, the scales it to the decline in production costs as much as possible. Second to grasp the forklift inductive data, raise the biggest, maximum said weight, width of forklift truck, etc. Prevent present on shelves, shelves utilization progress. Eventually supermarket scale, height, fire hydrant location should be grasped, inward and outward orientation, etc. For our life and property safety guarantee, it must not have any effect. Relevant article recommended supermarket shelves cost control method, manufacturer shelves for you on supermarket shelves kinds of supermarket shelves divided into price?
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