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Shelves manufacturer to tell you: the supermarket shelves and how much will it cost? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Open the supermarket must have the supermarket shelves, the vast majority of the boss is the price the first concern is the supermarket shelves, small make up today is detailed to introduce the price of supermarket shelves, and supermarket shelves manufacturers selling more cost-effective than general agent channels? These questions, hope to help friends who are looking for a supermarket shelves. Said supermarket shelves is the price of this problem, we have to clear yourself the area of the supermarket and need what style of the shelves. And shelf select stainless steel or wood or wood. His general understanding was good after the calculation supermarket shelves is the price of their own. Supermarket shelves and how much will it cost? We have to look at the supermarket specific functional areas of shelves and price category in general. 1, ShuCai District: slope open fruits and vegetables, fruits and vegetables pile head. 2, coarse grain zone: grain pile head. ShuCai District and the pile head of coarse grain area, is commonly adopts steel structure, the price is expensive, generally a few yuan to more than two hundred, the specific work and the choice of materials. 3, bread area: the supermarket shelves bread. 4, rice area: rice wooden shelves. 5, candy area: solid wood candy shelves 6, cashier area ( The cashier) 7, there is some common modular species such as the shelve. These areas are generally have a ready-made shelves, suggest that we go to factory to see the style and size, supermarket shelves prices in recent years is no longer a secret, low profits, manufacturers, so we choose must choose the larger manufacturers, 【 Hshelf shelf 】 Strength is very good, the influence of the supermarket shelves storage shelves do is pretty good, the most important is to let everyone with the least amount of money to buy cheaper and beautiful shelves. Finally to say to you about supermarket shelves where to buy more. I often meet with the customer ask me supermarket shelves manufacturers selling bargain? Small make up explicitly told you Hshelf shelves manufacturers shelf price is very has the advantage, and manufacturers are more likely to do a good job in quality and after-sale guarantee, so you buy supermarket shelves, or recommend some consider the larger manufacturers.
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