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Shenzhen fruit store shelves display main point what time is it?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-29

the same street, is a greengrocer, some good business, some of the business is bad, in addition to differences in the levels of management, this is shenzhen fruit store shelves display factors in it. Good fruit display can highlight the characteristics of fruit, enhance the attraction of the fruit, stimulate the purchase desire, so as to improve sales.

shenzhen supermarket shelf factory is a fruit shop shelves display three essentials:

1, T display

this is the main form of promotion area display, in the promotion customer can see the display surface are T, high above the mesa height and fruit for 40 - at least 45厘米;

2, prevent waste empty

the line of sight of people in the eye to the chest that range is most sensitive, must make full use of the area of goods, cannot empty waste, this is gold display area;

3, the importance of soft sex, near the location of the channel should display yellow, orange, orange fruit, it is easier to attract eyes and abortion.

these are shenzhen, shenzhen supermarket shelves of fruit store shelves display three essentials, the more display questions can focus on supermarket shelves in shenzhen official WeChat: hengyuancheng.

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