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by:Hshelf     2020-06-04
Introduction: reasonable structure, solid and durable, environmental protection and beautiful shelf image determines its broad prospects for development, can not only improve the image of the product, more can promote enterprise's environmental image.

supermarket shelves put principle. At present, more and more capital into the supermarket retail industry, how to reasonable use of funds to become the focus of investors. Supermarket stores is the largest investment in the hardware investment, set up shop in the shelves of the hardware investment amount is often more than 50%, the other for hot and cold tank, lights, supermarket cart and checkout equipment. Supermarket stores is a low profit industry, average profit is eight 20%, so saving hardware investment development more stores, more than the size of the stores a negative cash flow rapid expansion to improve the total profit is the ultimate purpose of supermarket profits and direction. Supermarket shelves shelves types have a lot of factory, according to the different can be divided into the center back, back net shelf, back hole and the back shelf; Supermarket shelves can also be divided into single and double island shelf against the wall, double island shelves can be used with end, put the effect is much better, so the choose and buy of supermarket shelves, must according to the actual situation of their stores combined with integrating various kinds of supermarket shelves, and reveal the effect would be unexpected surprises. How to don't, you can contact with guangzhou, shelf co. , LTD. , will get a free design. 【 Supermarket shelves trick 】 the choose and buy Guangzhou embellish of shelves co. , LTD is a professional engaged in the supermarket shelves, store shelves, pharmacy shelves, storage shelves, such as high-quality goods shelves manufacturers, the company introduces high standards of product research and development team, using three dimensional design, offering the most innovative products display equipment to customers, the company adopts the integration of production equipment, to ensure that for the general customers to provide quality products and perfect service. 1, supermarket shelves, packing: comprehensive use carton packaging. 2, the supermarket shelves materials: all with high quality cold rolled A3 steel plate, national standard models for SS400 steel, the material surface, demanding. 3, supermarket shelves layer plate: using high quality material thickness 0 rolling SS400. 8 mm, at the bottom of the weld reinforcement, safe and reliable. Layer board each floor carrying weight 250 kg, guide the allowed maximum deflection deformation layer board for 2/1000 of the layer board length. Safety coefficient is 1. 5. 4, the supermarket shelves specification size: design according to customer's request. 5, supermarket shelves pillar: with high quality cold rolling SS400 steel plate forming tube, cold drawn square tube cross section size is 70 * 40 ( Length * width) , material thickness 2. 5mm。 Single force of 600 kg, to allow maximum deflection to 1/1000 of the height, safety coefficient is 1. 5. 6, the structure of the supermarket shelves: all for hooking form, free to increase or decrease in layers, the installation fast and convenient. Supermarket shelves selection is very important, related to the rationality of the supermarket goods, and sales of goods, so a good shelf is a very necessary. Guangzhou embellish of shelf company Shelves with install and disassemble because it is assemble with infixing pattern, steel or wood floor of each layer can be adjusted, the specification can be based on demand and order, the price is cheap, content many kinds demand.
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