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Stainless steel shelves for supermarket display specification technique analysis _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-25
Stainless steel supermarket shelves for supermarket display is very important, not only in the supermarket configuration with commodity labeling instructions ( Such as price, POP) And all kinds of signs, make customers easy to look at, easy to take, easy to buy goods you need. Supermarket shelves display space planning should also support the classification of goods, and to consider commodity packaging, specifications and colors. Floor for display, should adopt a large number of display, to build up the image of feeling. Display basic principles: 1. On small under large, light in weight, under the group box, vertical display to display must abide by the principles of the first. 2. The principle of relevance. The so-called relevance refers to functional classification to, goods are not to distinguish with the manufacturer. Such as sanlu, bright, full display together, low-fat milk instead of the merchandising sanlu together, together the goods on display in the light, the display of goods on sale in the theme promotion do manufacturers week. 3. Don't often change display position, avoid the customer can't find the goods. 4. Each one item on display surface should be greater than 20 cm. 5. To minimize the use of the sample. 6. In order to commodity structure, can display attributes related goods together. Such as paper cups, glass display together ( This way is limited to a single purpose of goods, such as sugar and coffee do not need display together, because of the sugar is not only a kind of purpose) 。 7. The same row of level to reduce as far as possible, with each layer upon layer board it is advisable to only put a layer of goods. 8. Goods to fill up the line is unfavorable and exorbitant, to 2 cm - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2. It is advisable to 5 cm ( From the date the article price bottom) Face is not full, avoid to cause row, and a waste of space. 9. Hanging on display. Hang on display commodity features or packaging must meet the requirements. Hanging on display should be at least a display surface. 10. The merchandising can be an alternative. 11. High margin products displayed on the gold line ( 80厘米, 120CM) 。 Also note stainless steel shelves display two golden rule: to display in the customer purchase line on both sides of the line, the best display shelves with eye contour or slightly lower. Relevant article recommended stainless steel shelves bring us any good? Drugstore how to identify the quality of the stainless steel cabinet manufacturer how to identify the quality of the stainless steel shelves
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