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Stationery shelves items set?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-30
Abstract: the design of the supermarket shelves should guarantee the goods display shelves have the appropriate size and space, make the goods can effectively demonstrate its decorate level to arrange the different varieties, vertically to show the same varieties of different specifications and grades. Proper space for the goods not only vertically, and provide convenience for salesman shelves, loaning, clean.

supermarket shelves put principle. At present, more and more capital into the supermarket retail industry, how to reasonable use of funds to become the focus of investors. Supermarket stores is the largest investment in the hardware investment, set up shop in the shelves of the hardware investment amount is often more than 50%, the other for hot and cold tank, lights, supermarket cart and checkout equipment. Supermarket stores is a low profit industry, average profit is eight 20%, so saving hardware investment development more stores, more than the size of the stores a negative cash flow rapid expansion to improve the total profit is the ultimate purpose of supermarket profits and direction. Supermarket shelves of goods place?

the supply of goods, quality has always been the most concern, supermarket management principles with fresh, parity, always win. Every day I in the whole city supermarket goods firm offers, guarantee the lowest prices do, or relatively low prices. At present, the work supermarket competition is fierce, believe that the major supermarkets in the commodity quality, price to make their own characteristics. Eurasian supermarket to introduce those responsible. Often appear such scene: is tied different flavors of yogurt sales promotion, the major supermarkets in guangzhou. Even with small spoon, small basin, such as gifts, and the price is low, attracted many consumers to pay for them; Some consumers want to buy a bottle of shampoo, obviously but see below hand cream is very good also, shelves bought consumer excitement at the shopping? Actually the reason is not so simple. Also will use item's special & throughout; Put way & other; Guide & throughout; Consumers shopping, the supermarket in promoting consumer & other; Customize & throughout; At the same time. So, a lot of times, the eye of consumer is & other; Cheating & throughout; Their production date decided to put the order found such a & other; Secret & throughout; Want to buy a few bottles of black tea at that time. Guangzhou had many shelves, in a row from inner to outer in an took four bottles, returned home found that these drinks have two kinds of production date, one is close to the time to buy another kind of about half a year before it's time to buy. The supermarket in order to priority of relatively old merchandise to sell to come in, actually. Will arrange fresh goods on the storage shelves, and so, when consumer is buying canned, bottled goods must look carefully. Fruit and vegetable sales promotion use & other; Lighting throughout history &; Goods to make it look more fresh, more such as fruit and vegetable products. Some supermarkets will use & other; Lighting throughout history &; Especially in the evening time, although the fruit and vegetable products for sale, consumers will have a careful selection. Golden section & throughout; Put have said actual hides some potential rules, supermarket shelves products appears to be no mystery. According to the personage inside course of study introduces a supermarket, supermarket shelves from top to bottom, golden section on general divided into & throughout; The middle and lower section of the big four grade, gold & throughout; And the middle is not only the merchants favorite position, and most can attract customers consumption grade, supermarket will usually put profit larger commodities, own brand or sole agent, and consumers to buy more goods are put in gold & throughout; And in the middle; And the price is relatively cheap, or into recession while more of the goods on the shelf at the bottom; Promotional materials and new product more focused on the promotion of the booth, and with some red or blue card, improve consumer awareness at the same time, are more likely to achieve good volume. Guangzhou shelves like women supplies and baby supplies, daily necessities, etc. Series products often longitudinally display, in addition. This put in supermarket industry has become an unwritten rule, according to relevant personage introduces guangzhou shelves supermarket chains and other large supermarkets, this is due to the Angle between the line of sight of people move the about 25 & deg; , beside the shelves, customers can clearly see the shelves series products. Guangzhou shelves in principle to the fresh + parity & throughout; And become an indispensable part of modern city fast rhythm. The supermarket to buy commodity quality is reliable, the supermarket has to & other; Fresh, convenient, affordable & throughout; And favored by office workers. And 'one-stop' work style shopping very convenient. Then there is the season of supermarkets, some preferential binding activity, for instance: big box of yogurt bundled promotion preferential a lot than usual, while some people think that the date is not very good, but the supermarket yogurt has been frozen and fresh is better, just drink recent consumer ms zhang said. In addition, as some relevant commodity chains promotion is also very popular with consumers, such as: supplies, maternal and child supplies, etc.

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