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Stationery store shelf layout skills _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-21
Everyone should have been in the era of students stationery shops, to buy books and stationery. But in general, most people would think stationery shop special mess, everyone will go to some shops to buy stationery neat and clean. So our guangzhou Hshelf factory to introduce you to the stationery store shelves the layout of the skills of those! Light collocation reasonable light collocation, can effectively promote the overall stationery store space decoration effect, because the stationery store generally do not need too long time, decorate stationery store requirement for light source will be high, because so many products require appropriate light source, in this case, will attract more customers, increase the traffic. How stationery store space space differentiate, generally can be divided by the percentage 1:3:6, to cashier space to 1 ratio for reference, the share of space for 3 customers, product display space for 6 proportion, the proportion is the most reasonable. But also need to be done according to the actual situation of some layout, can according to the area of the store and be familiar with the way of life to division. The pattern of the spatial pattern of stationery store space from distribution as long as it is with reasonable design, basically can increase traffic, mainly because of activity space, the customer is particularly convenient to walk and does not appear crowded phenomenon, reasonable arrangement to achieve such effect, will also bring help to the stationery store traffic. Relevant article recommended stationery store shelves should pay attention to? Stationery shop how clever use attract customers attention common stationery store shelves which several types are there?
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