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Stationery store such design, unstoppable! _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-17
'Absorb eyes after first gold 'almost has become the consensus of retail stores. In the era of frequency value, any stores to win in skin care, harvest a wave of eyeball economy, thus the traditional stationery shop should also seek change, follow the trend, change into a completely new look. The stationery shop using the Hshelf new shelves, the shop majestic, like opened stores in new horizon. In terms of exhibition display rack, for beauty, both usage scenarios, in bright space, what you see is what you are to the naked eye and the function of the ordered goods, strict separation area. Gently glance at, can distinguish between students area and business district. From the arrangement of goods, the humanization of shops operating. Low double sided shelves for suitable for students to use show goods, considering the height limit, easier for students to choose. High container used to display the one side of the business people use stationery, easier to detect them first. In imperceptible in, can let people appreciate the heart of the store. 。
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