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Storage shelves related equipment technology and another kind of understanding

by:Hshelf     2020-06-07
Storage shelves related equipment technology and the development of another kind of understand storage shelves have toward a stationary phase. The shelf type, quality, function of automation is the key. The shelf industry in our country lack of uniform standards in the production and use, that influence the development of the industry. To solve this problem, there are six shelves industry standard project officially. But as for now, shelves for end users, from the perspective of a more simple to understand.

ordinary shelves in free positioning way takes care of the many varieties of goods shelves. According to the rack loading of the goods form, into the goods to be put on the shelves and put the tray goods shelves, put on pallet racks can be called pallet racking.

long shelf which is a kind of is mainly used for keeping long goods shelves, the long goods from arm highlights on the pillar in the above. Mobile racking place the shelf itself on the orbit, by electric device can make the shelf along the lateral movement. Outbound when the shelves number is more, when people make shelf, only in the corresponding shelf open in front of the forklift truck and other equipment. When not RuChuKu, no channel interval between shelf rack, can make the shelf is relatively concentrated, so use mobile racking, can make the rolls to improve space utilization 2 - Three times. Flow goods shelf or pallet rack structure can slide on the shelf. General flow shelves will is the power of sliding shelves. Make the goods in one direction by gravity sliding, sliding mechanism adopts roller sliding motivation and roller pedestal. The characteristics of this way is keeping the goods can be done in first out, the well in a fixed position and outbound.

shelf technology and equipment? Warehouse total space is mainly stored goods, plugging, zenith distance, channel, stacking in the 'honeycomb' and set the several aspects, such as fixed occupied. Wall distance, zenith distance and fixed equipment occupied space cannot be reduced. Therefore, the main way to improve warehouse space utilization is to reduce the channel, 2 it is to reduce the rate of honeycomb. To reduce the area of the channel is to increase the warehouse utilization coefficient, and reduce the rate of honeycomb is highly improve warehouse utilization coefficient. In the actual store business, a contradiction between the two. Stacking area is large, the channel area reducing, cellular rate increases; Vice stacking area is small. Channel area is increased. But we can reduce the rate of honeycomb. Goods of mass and the whole into the whole out. Using large area stacking. This contradiction is not prominent. But for small batch and sporadic in and out of the goods. Can't use large area stacking. Even with small stacking, honeycomb rate is very high. Space utilization is still very low.

shelf storage technology is used to solve the contradictions: can not only improve area utilization, and reduce the rate of honeycomb. At the same time also can meet the requirements of singling randomly and convenient access. The superiority of shelf storage technology is: (1) make full use of the height of the warehouse. Eliminate or reduce the rate of honeycomb. Raise the utilization ratio of warehouse. (2) each goods, any access. Category of goods can be singling rate was 100%, (3) the goods are not affected by the weight of the upper heap shing. Especially suitable for the special goods or afraid of fragile goods. (4) easy to mechanization and automation. 5. Easy to implement positioning storage and computer management. But the shelf storage system also exists some deficiencies: (1) equipment investment cost is higher. (2) must be equipped with corresponding loading and unloading facilities and a quotation tray instruments such as container unit. (3) shelf equipment is relatively fixed, poor maneuverability. (4) shelf between each row must be set aside. Such as using the forklift truck loading and unloading machines, etc. Channel is bigger. Sometimes indeed reduce the warehouse utilization.

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