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Store shelves need constant maintenance

by:Hshelf     2020-06-14
Introduction: supermarket shelves put principle. At present, more and more capital into the supermarket retail industry, how to reasonable use of funds to become the focus of investors. Supermarket stores is the largest investment in the hardware investment, set up shop in the shelves of the hardware investment amount is often more than 50%, the other for hot and cold tank, lights, supermarket cart and checkout equipment. Supermarket stores is

guangzhou supermarket shelves can add to the particularity of the main pile, hanging, vertical, horizontal, bulk, etc. , some items are more sensitive to temperature, light, cold storage with glass frame, some precious commodity of shelves of the safety measures and special requirements, some of goods available for direct contact with customers, in the design to provide customers with more convenient enough. And then on the different structure, different store shelves structure is also can bring a variety of different results. Good shelves need to continually break traditional design, design more new kinds of guangzhou supermarket shelves. Supermarket shelves need constant maintenance a lot of people want to learn how to maintenance the supermarket shelves? Find it difficult? No, as long as you follow these steps, one by one by one, after practice a few times, supermarket shelves maintenance expert is you. , a first step, the wheel is removed in the process of disassembly, remember to put all the screws are unified, otherwise lost a want to install back then there is difficult to cough up. The second step, the supermarket shelves, some supermarket shelves because the screw is very tight, with conventional method is difficult to take down, this time can use open screw, slightly hard dig it out, don't worry about dynamics can damage the supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves, the quality of leverage. The last is the cleaning of supermarket shelves. Pour to soiled oil into a bowl, then put down to the supermarket shelves in, stir up clean, finally catch up and apply the appropriate rust-proof oil or rust balm last clean job is finished. Guangzhou embellish of breakthrough in the shelves first do is to improve the quality of the product ( The quality and industry declared contrast) , the introduction of advanced equipment, develop new products to expand coverage. Perfect after-sale service system is the cornerstone of enterprise development.
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