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Summer how to keep fresh fruit, refrigerated display cabinet have words! _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-24
Summer how to use the refrigerated display cabinet fresh fruit? Refrigerated display cabinet how to store the summer fruit? With the advent of summer, the recent all kinds of fresh fruit misato listed. Lychee, pineapple, sugar cane and strawberry is also a lot more, and Yang mei, green plum, cherry and seasonal fruits such as mango. Fresh fruit has just listed, the tea shop or supermarket will be in the keeping fresh on display in the display case for customers to choose. So how to store fresh refrigerators to achieve best effect of preservation of summer fruits? Guangzhou Hshelf shelves to store and share with you today. First of all, fresh fruit storage requirement for temperature is very high, if can maintain a certain temperature, the inhibition of bacteria, there will be a great advantage. Currently sells part of field have reveal ark of preservation of intelligent greenhouse, can according to different fruits and vegetables need the best temperature, to achieve the effect of preservation. Apple, for example, the most appropriate is the temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, pomegranate is 3 ~ 5 degrees Celsius. According to the different characteristics of the fruit, intelligent greenhouse generally can provide three stages ( - - - - - - 3, - 1, 4) The freedom is warm, can let including fruit, meat, - - - - - - 3 ° is best) And fish and other foods, are in a good state of temperature, heat preservation effect is better, to ensure that nutrition, fresh longer. But for the sake of fruit preservation and constant temperature, also need to pay attention to tank internal realization of uniform cooling. This is also the air-filled type than the direct effect of preservation of cold model good reason. Currently sold on some fresh reveals ark can realize closed three-dimensional cycle features such as air supply system, make temperature more even and contained in the airflow run to the ark, completely no dead Angle, will make more complete preservation. In this case, the tank internal temperature difference is only 1. 2 degrees Celsius, its degree of constant temperature can effectively reduce the fruit respiration intensity, make its oxygen metabolism process more manageable, in order to delay the aging and decay of fruits and vegetables.
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