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Supermarket display five small coup, let you dragged in empty inventory _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-07-01
Prepare goods display design, is a very important role in the supermarket business. But it is not simple to display goods in the supermarket shelves, still thering is no lack of among them some helps to promote the growth of sales of technology and art. This is can make commodity hub of sales promotion. Supermarket shelves display is not static, not only need to adjust for differences in sales, also need to consider the external factors, such as seasons, environment. The Hshelf display shelves manufacturers bring is the season of the related content, learn together. 1, try out on display in advance before the season display, consider ahead of next season merchandise to preheat the sale, is like a late spring, summer sunscreen on display in the supermarket out imported around, cause customer buying interest ahead of time, proper promotion in the summer comes again, completely open sales, as a result have a head, rival a off guard. 2, goods will be in season into a pile head seasonal merchandise sales period is very short, out-of-season later want to sell, can be very difficult. Considers the attract customers in the quarter on purchase, proposed to the quarter goods made in the form of pile head, the layout of the main in the supermarket, and properly reduce the price, stimulate customer purchase desire. 3, create thematic atmosphere supermarket design are not so rigid, appropriate build theme display environment, can active sales atmosphere. Is like a mat wear on dummy model, cause the customer's attention, natural willing to stay for a few seconds. Stay as long as customers, return afraid of no sales opportunity? 4, on display in the striking position to will be in the goods sold out as soon as possible, besides must complete the appropriate propaganda, more will display in the striking position, can let the customer pay attention to the existence of the goods. As main imports, supermarket around the peripheral and beside the escalator is good position. 5, pay attention to the collocation of color different seasons have different theme colors, was in a seasonal goods on display, also can consider color coordination, in order to optimize sales environment. Is like a spring can choose green decorated; Summer can choose blue decorated; Autumn choose orange; Winter use white, etc. Completes the colour and the coordination between the commodity and the display will be made more outstanding. For seasonal merchandise, really the most important is how to goods in the form of more visible in front of the customer, because only in this way, to keep the seasonal goods could be sold out successfully in the quarter. Above is the supermarket Hshelf shelves small make up to introduce five points of the seasonal goods on display, if do you have more questions about the supermarket shelf display design, or want to appreciate everyone, such as wal-mart or vanguard chain super display design, welcome to online consultation' Hshelf shelf 】 ! Relevant article recommended boutique supermarket shelves have what characteristic is the difference between convenience store and supermarket shelves? Supermarket shelves commonly used way of commodity exhibition on display
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