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Supermarket shelves and maintenance tips, let you benefit a lot! _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Supermarket shelves of the maintenance relationship with the use fixed number of year of supermarket shelves, supermarket goods display effect, today' Hshelf shelf 】 How to effectively maintain supermarket shelves for everyone to put forward some Suggestions. You buy shelves, of course, is that the longer you want to use fixed number of year, the better, the following maintenance experience of supermarket shelves hope everybody can see: 1, the daily clean daily supermarket shelves clean with a cloth to wipe dust, again with a clean piece of cloth to clean it again, the choice of cloth must use soft cloth, if there is dirt on the cloth don't wipe the shelf surface can cause scratches, affect the aesthetic and corrosion degree of shelves. 2, the choice of detergent supermarket shelves in the wood maintenance need spray wax and cleaning and maintenance agent. But need to shake before use and maintenance agent, and then hold spray cans, a 45-degree Angle, make maintenance agent completely released, against cloth gently gush to wipe the supermarket wooden products. 3, regular check check the loose parts and oxidation of supermarket shelves, tightening or replacement in a timely manner. 4, shelf bearing supermarket shelves be strictly limited to bearing the weight, can't overload bearing, lest produce shelves damage. 5, moistureproof supermarket shelves need moistureproof and well protected against dampness, supermarket shelves pillar near the water, the supermarket daily cleaning is important to note in the process. Guangzhou is more than five Hshelf shelf factory arrange for everybody how to effectively maintain supermarket shelves, the hope can help you.
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