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Supermarket shelves basic safety knowledge

by:Hshelf     2020-05-25
Synopsis: the important parts of the guangzhou supermarket shelves, as everyday items, is the largest category in the supermarket sales, it is need to one eye can see the important place, and some snacks to taste, small items, after strolling in the supermarket, you can pick up convenience, that is.

shelves of reasonable structure, solid and durable, environmental protection and beautiful shelf image determines its broad prospects for development, not only can improve the image of the product, more can promote the environmental image of the enterprise.

, small make up today to sort out the supermarket shelves basic safety common sense:

1, prevent overload, each layer of weight of the goods stored shall not exceed the maximum shelf design load.

2, super high wide: shelves layer, layer width has been restricted, card board and the size of the goods should be slightly less than 100 mm net space.

3, prevent collision: forklift in the running process, should take put down gently.

4, top-heavy: prevention should be top put light cargo, the underlying principle of put heavy stuff.

5, prevent nonstandard bedplate ( Card board) Used on the shelf, bottom is most suitable for sichuan word.

have put the goods above 6, shelves, operators do not directly into the bottom shelf.

if you have found the shelves of beams and columns are seriously damaged, shall promptly notify the manufacturer to change.

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