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Supermarket shelves can be how to decorate a space

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22
Supermarket development far exceeded expectations, and is developing at an astonishing speed in, but there are a lot of people want to ask, the supermarket shelves can be how to decorate a space, can achieve the purpose of attracting customers, increase conversion rates. Decorate a space, like to decorate, need to take into account the structural problems, must points clear of the primary and secondary, to achieve the ideal state, you can also go to other supermarket, look at what puts the supermarket shelves. Before put, of course, also need to make overall planning, according to the size of the supermarket, layout, and the types of goods, quantity of supermarket shelves, such as good specifications and requirements, so time will not show the effect of the messy. And also need to maintain the balance of the shelves, shelves, such as easy to tilt, flopping, this kind of layout at the same time also accords with people's visual habit and aesthetic standards.
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