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Supermarket shelves display tips

by:Hshelf     2020-05-17
Supermarket shelves display effect is very important, a successful supermarket, essential trick that's display shelves, a comfortable goods put the visual impact, can definitely promote consumer purchasing desire, so supermarket shelves manufacturers bring supermarket shelves display basic knowledge and skills: 1, near the entrance line main channel, the left side shelf inside the non-food area customers passing rate is relatively low. Best to play near the tableware, POTS and other kitchen supplies the adjustment to the stores in the side near the main channel. Is adjusted to the near side of the main channel to buy near high frequency of consumables, make a lot of main channel customers can see through the side. Other non-food areas in other to buy high frequency, such as toilet paper, detergent, toothpaste, shampoo, skin care products, such as plastic wrap consumables, should also try to configuration on both ends of the shelves near Taiwan and in the side of the main channel, to effectively induce customers into vice pathway, improve the passing rate. The food section pass rate is low, in addition to position reason, more mainly lies in: commodity items varieties, monotonous, repetitive phenomenon is very serious. 2, how to improve the passing rate of middle shelf area and retention rate. This is the domestic and foreign many supermarkets are faced with the problem. Empirical analysis proves that the key lies in the merchandising shelf end frame, content and way of goods on display. But in reality, most of the current domestic supermarkets sold the frame without thinking of the end, but at a loss what to do on shelves in the overall sales promotion. You know, the main purpose of the display shelves is in order to attract customers in main channel. Customers interested in end frame goods will stay, and then see the goods shelves. Therefore supermarket shelves should be displayed best-selling products, sale of goods, seasonal commodities, PB, etc. , each side rack up display items 1 ~ 3, and to a large display, to attract customers.
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