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Supermarket shelves how reasonable placement

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21
A good supermarket, general can let each into the consumer can feel the beauty of harmony, including supermarket shelves scientific factors. Don't look down upon shelf placement, place is good, colour collocation is reasonable, will affect the supermarket's overall impression. When you put in supermarket shelves, you should pay attention to the following points: one is to be able to benefit unsalable goods better sales; The second is to put those who profit the best goods can cause consumers pay attention to the places, hook up their purchase desire; 3 it is to put together the similar goods, so we can make it more convenient for consumers to purchase; Four is to reasonable layout, such as according to the different goods size, different size, rational layout, consider to the specific situation of; Five is put shelves must give full consideration to the safety of the consumer, such as chemical reaction occurs easily goods, especially chemicals must be open, to keep enough distance, shelves can not jam safe passage, goods should be put in the channel of the sell like hot cakes larger shelves, so convenient consumers buy; Six is the special goods, it is best to separate out a local sales; Seven is for those who are overweight goods, it is best not to put too high, so it is not convenient for replenishment, is unfavorable to the consumer take; Eight is shelf placement must facilitate staff count.
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