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Supermarket shelves how to rationalize how

by:Hshelf     2020-06-11
Today's electricity industry develop very fast, it is to get the recognition of people, not only because it is a rich variety of products, but also because it has a very strong logistics system. And logistics system is the role of supermarket shelves products category, automation and modernization of technology to make the store goods become more simple and easy, also let the logistics distribution has become more smoothly. Shelf is essential to the logistics warehousing logistics equipment, it can easily distinguish between product type, size, color. Staff can easily pick the goods product, fast sorting products, packaging, distribution. Supermarket shelves design scheme of good science can be a very good improve the utilization rate of storage warehouse area, saving the cost of logistics warehousing. Say so many, the following is to summarize the supermarket shelves exactly what function: 1, the reasonable use of limited space, expanded the goods storage space available. 2, modernization of management and technology, make goods storage is more secure, to ensure the integrity of the goods, from damage. 3, supermarket shelves, more convenient management, make the storage of goods become clear, the staff also become more relaxed when counting the goods. 4, supermarket shelves, also has the ability of dustproof, guard against theft, this is the best technology improve performance.
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