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Supermarket shelves is good or bad relationship with business

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21
I am a supermarket owner, early August I work with shelf factory custom I shop shelves inside, just starting to see their designed shelves, is very happy, indeed as expected during the late delivery to the device, we see the shelf company their service attitude is very good, shelves product quality is also OK, so the high-quality goods shelves, supermarket shelves cooperation is pleasant. In mid-august, we store supermarket business unusually hot, some customers are very like my store shelves design style, it also brought a lot of repeat business. Until now, when I asked about the new and old customers the feeling of the outside, they all said the store interior design and chic, shelf design completion. Here, we thank you very much for the careful shelf factory design and perfect after-sales service team.
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