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Supermarket shelves maintenance share the five skills' Dry goods share 】

by:Hshelf     2020-09-21
Shelf is indispensable to the supermarket display props, display according to the type of the drug, supermarket shelves of style and material is diversity. But no matter what the material shelf, use for a long time there is always some problem, if you do not pay attention to maintenance are more likely to happen the situation of the damage. The supermarket shelves manufacturers' Shelf. To introduce some supermarket shelves of the maintenance five skills: 1, avoid knock against whatever material shelf, in the process of transportation, installation and use of all want to avoid knock against, at the same time, be careful not to put the shelves on the uneven ground, prevent damage of collapse. 2, prevent sun wooden shelves should be isolated sun exposure, or wooden shelves of exterior paint is very easy to fall, after the shelves can be very ugly. 3 place, avoid damp shelves to isolate damp, should not put the shelves of air humidifier, rust or you will make the iron shelf, also can make wooden shelves and damp. 4, away from the acid and alkali steel shelves looks very strong, but the cold rolled steel quality should not be touching the acid and alkali, so should stay away from acid-base stuff, otherwise easy to cause the shelves corrosion, affect the service life. 5, don't flush shelves in use process, will inevitably accumulate dirt, often should to clean, but at the time of cleaning can't wash with water directly, should be gently with wet cloth to wipe. Quality again good supermarket shelves, if do not pay attention to maintenance, will greatly influence the service life of the shelf itself. Above is the supermarket shelves manufacturer' Shelf. Everyone to clean the shelves and maintenance tips, if you want to learn more on pharmacy related information, if you have a drugstore shelves custom-made demand, pay attention to the show's official website.
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