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Supermarket shelves manufacturers selling shelves are how much money a?

by:Hshelf     2020-05-22

the first thing you should know their own space, the space has how old, can accommodate much supermarket shelves, do you want to buy what kind of product, the weight of the product determines the bearing force of supermarket shelves, also decided the specifications, thickness of supermarket shelves, according to you need to select the appropriate size supermarket shelves. Free for the customer site, design drawings, do the customer satisfaction.

then on supermarket shelves, if you can find distributors directly, can save a part of the logistics cost, the third party intermediary fees, you can also directly with the production, to produce what size, what color of shelves can choose their own, and in after this aspect more secured and convenient. Can be used to provide customers with door-to-door delivery, installation, free warranty for two years.

supermarket shelves price algorithm is with the price of the warehouse shelves algorithm is the same, the process is the same, I saw this article on a website, feel very good, you can reference to see.

the price of the warehouse shelves algorithm process is:

1, warehouse shelves according to the bearing requirements of different customers, there are corresponding to the different price standard, bearing 100 kg of materials and bearing 1 ton shelf material price sure, every shelf factory is according to the shelf material cost accounting prices.

2, how to calculate the shenzhen warehouse shelves first to know the price of two content, the first is the bearing requirement of warehouse shelves, is that you put the weight of the goods shelves on each floor, the second is the specification of shelf such as length, width and height, number of layers know this two conditions can accurately calculate the quotation.

3, warehouse shelves of production technology, production process complexity, production material and technology of the warehouse shelves.

4, some customers order warehouse shelves specification is special, the price will be different.

5, shenzhen warehouse shelf installation Labour and transport.

6, some manufacturers will calculate the VAT.

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