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Supermarket shelves of production technology and internal standard

by:Hshelf     2020-05-18

supermarket shelves is a structured model, columns, beams, braces, brace and self-locking bolt synthesis, can rise to prevent the bolt looseness caused consequences, and has become our flagship product, but also because it has become the biggest sales force in the shelf.

and in the supermarket shelves of the raw materials are all made of the characteristics of p type cold rolling, and equipped with a special security components design, can ensure that will not fall off when by external forces struck, and the piece is a bit, strong bearing capacity, wear resistance, change is simple, low maintenance cost. This is a lot of choice of zhongshan shelves, one of the main factors of because its value is still become a legend.

it in the us over the years, after modified, has been applied to various industries, and can be as the requirements of size, the thickness of the layer board, to strengthen the number of decision layer load requirements, in the case of relative length and material requirements.

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