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Supermarket shelves of the production process is what kind of

by:Hshelf     2020-05-19
Supermarket shelves at present place of all kinds of product sales has a wide range of applications, the same supermarket shelves of the production process is fairly simple, and product processing craft simple, the production of products of material conveniently many characteristics, such as in the process of production and processing of various wooden props has a very good use. So supermarket shelves products can be widely used in the practical production and living, its good processing technology is very important. So in the supermarket shelves products production is how to process? 1. The first is the process for the preparation. Before we supermarket shelves processing production must be according to the requirements of the production shop drawing, will produce need wood, plate and so on all kinds of raw materials size and thickness according to the needs of production planning in detail. There is in the machining process is there are many kinds of, so on material preparation to properly prepared more than expected, to prevent material shortage. 2. Product segmentation and segmentation. In order to fully guarantee the production and processing of the post-production process can go smoothly, the don't delay the construction period, so in the process of segmentation processing are dressed to the material accordingly.
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