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Supermarket shelves once again the beginning of the seasons

by:Hshelf     2020-06-15
In the summer, as temperatures increase, will be given to summer supplies consumables supermarkets such as some drinks, sunscreen and other items at the beginning of the supermarket shelves in visible and near the position of the entrances and exits, a large number of promotional activities. And now, this is the beginning of the year autumn, all kinds of drinks, all kinds of sunscreen products already no longer is the mainstream products, this is a the beginning of change garments according to the season, and your supermarket started? Your supermarket shelves to replace the new topic? Autumn, is a dry and hot season, with summer already has the very big change, and whether we need put some supermarket shelves, the prominent position and let the good choose a moisturizing products, such as this is the way of business.
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