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Supermarket shelves put attention should be paid to the problem have? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-26
Q: supermarket shelves put attention should be paid to the problem have? A: supermarket shelves after putting quality will affect the turnover of the supermarket. Many friends also consulting said small supermarket shelves put what problem should note, today guangzhou Hshelf rack manufacturer will give you detailed introduce: supermarket shelves put attention should be paid to the following principles: 1, the supermarket shelves put regional correlation principle of supermarket shelves put should have relevance, such as grain and oil area associated with grain and oil, that puts grain &oil area adjacent area is set to the best products related to daily life, like frozen food, fruits and vegetables, and so on. So we can let customers one-stop shopping, improving customer consumption enthusiasm. 2 height and aisle width to supermarket shelves, supermarket shelves selection considering the customers shopping habits, when you need to put the attention should be paid to the width of the corridor, best can pass through two strollers, this can improve the consumption of customer experience, increase customer's consumption viscosity. 3, promotional shelf put should appropriate promotional shelf put to some modelling, no matter what promotional items, for the first time to attract customers attention, so can greatly improve the awareness of promotional items. And promote regional put to its adjacent the promotion goods, can facilitate customer compare the prices, increase sales. 4, the cashier area shelves put cashier area must be on the premise of as much as possible to increase the cashier window more reserved corridor space, and the use of the front frame must be reasonable, this is a gold show shelf location. 5, shelves put must be neat, accurate, neat the supermarket looks more harmonious and unified, commodity price ticket must correspond with the goods, and in this way can reflect our professional, increase customers' liking. Is well above the five guangzhou Hshelf shelves to summarize several manufacturers, the hope can bring you some help. If you have any unclear about shelves, you can leave a message, let's discuss it in communication. Relevant article recommended supermarket shelves put a trick know these rules can help you save money boutique supermarket shelves put skills 80 flat supermarket shelves put skill sharing
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