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Supermarket shelves quotation price

by:Hshelf     2020-05-23
When you go to the mall to buy things, you will first take a look at the following the price of the bar code shown above, when you introduce products to the customer, the customer will also ask you how about the price? Sales of supermarket shelves, too. That when you quote the customer, need to consider what factors? First, want to consider the category of the supermarket shelves, three high, bearing capacity, these are basic budget cost involved shelves, only on the basis of basic cost of shelves, to make a reasonable budget quotation second, want to consider the distance customers, whether to delivery, if you want to install. Because all of these is on cost, all these expenditures will be given the customer quotation in the third, want to consider the customer's order quantity, customer order quantity is big, can be in the discretion of quotation minus points, if a client with a set of two, our offer can be overstating. Supermarket shelves quotation, also consider other comprehensive situation, finally give the customer a reasonable shelves.
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