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Supermarket shelves should be how to put in order to achieve the best effect

by:Hshelf     2020-05-20
The use of the supermarket shelves for supermarket saves a lot of space, let the supermarket also have an opportunity to purchase a variety of items for sale. Supermarket shelves is one of the important tools of the inside of the supermarket. No a supermarket may not have the professional shelves. The use of the shelves can be said to be the key to promote the sale of goods. Used in industrial enterprises shelf is not directly in the face of a single consumer, even selling goods is for spare parts procurement staff directly. Therefore, industrial enterprises with sales shelf even consider, there will be no supermarket shelves so important. Use in the inside of the supermarket shelves need to consider a variety of factors. Supermarket shelves should consider not only put question, also must consider the shelves of nursing methods. From the point of view of put the key is to attract consumer's attention. Look from the care, the most fundamental thing is to ensure that there is no dust shelves above. When Shanghai supermarket shelves with dust, the dust will appear on the surface of goods, if consumers see goods have some dust above, will think it is really not enough health. Here are put on shelves and display should care to introduce related products conform to the consumer habits to promote consumers to buy industrial enterprise using shelves can be placed very high, for example through type shelf height can reach even two or three meters high, but used in supermarket shelves absolutely can't do that. Through type using specialized forklift access goods shelves, and supermarket shelves is a pickup. Some goods placed so high, consumers won't be able to look up at the goods, let alone to take down these goods. Therefore, from the high Angle is must should ensure that consumers are willing to go to the product level. Experts said, in fact, consumers shopping supreme is basically see the height of 2 m. Again from the consumer's vision, usually the highest is 120 degree Angle. But really when shopping you can only go to see a direction at the same time, the perspective of the scope of general is 60 degrees. Supermarket shelves above the display of goods should be conducted in accordance with such data to display. Because when shopping to be able to focus on the range is about 1 meter, so if it is the same kind of goods, are all within one meter is put out as much as possible. As a result, consumers purchase desire will be to stimulate precisely divide each layer varieties to access some daily necessities sales products should ensure that consumers access is very convenient. Get instant noodles, we seldom see the enterprise will be instant noodles all is on the first floor or top, inside the shelves scope of three or four layers are usually placed noodles this product sales is very high. The reason for this is that consumers see noodles with can take out, after special squatted down rather than noodles. At the time of merchandising divides this is a very important principle. Although we can see division is usually divided according to line. But at the same time also must ensure that the shelves the 345 column is a very good product sales. The last is the problem of shelves clean. After understand the shelves use problems, staff should attaches great importance to the cleaning problem of supermarket shelves. Almost every day to clean the shelves, especially before loading more clean shelves ahead of time.
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