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Supermarket shelves size

by:Hshelf     2020-05-20
Supermarket shelves as a dealer in excess of the distribution center and supermarket shelves size is the main equipment for those looking for is that before buying an awareness, confirm reasonable arrange goods and space position and size to budget a business investment plans, as a result of the shelf size of it's very difficult for buyers to make the purchase decision quickly, shelves today introduce recommend supermarket shelves size to let everyone know, you can through the picture you can see shelves is composed of multiple sets of supermarket shelves in a row, and a single set of size are mainly introduced, supermarket shelves size is usually on the basis of three high 900 * 400 * 1800 mm shelf factory with 4 layer board, is essentially the same length, height can choose according to different location, the general selection against the wall height is 1. Between 8 m to 2 m, and store supermarket shelves put in middle level 1. 2 meters - 1. 5 meters because the middle shelf height influence between the two sides goods on shelves display, so supermarket shelves size is the main factor buyers know. Supermarket shelves are diverse, the size of the shelf length 50 cm, 60 cm, 70 cm, 90 cm, 120 cm, greatly satisfy the mall, the needs of the community convenience store, can also be customized to any size, service more than 16 years, guangdong market strength, trustworthy.
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