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Supermarket shelves the problems of potential safety hazard

by:Hshelf     2020-05-21
If on supermarket shelves in the design of the problems, is likely to be unnecessary damage when the choose and buy goods from the customers. Supermarket shelves tell me about the following such an example. According to a consumer wang said: he once purchase beverage, see the shelves full of things, just take a bottle, a bottle on the edge will go in to fall off. Almost hit the feet. Mr Wang thought, like the lower down nothing? The slightly high falls to people who take things, it is not so safe. And something like the glass is installed if a do not pay attention to drop down, what is the supermarket, is still by the touch of the people for? Then according to the reporter went to a supermarket investigation, found in the supermarket, the cashier adjacent to a row of shelves, which put the article such as convenient noodles, surprisingly, the top shelves filled with carton, six or seven box set put together, don't know is piling up do not pay attention to is still overwhelmed, these cases happened some skewed, in these cartons with a & other Waste & throughout; The words; On the shelves at the end of the carton stacking accumulation, the top carton out of the corner, and the following carton form dislocation, may have a potential of dumping. Industry insiders said at that supermarket put above is not standard, in accordance with the requirements of the supermarket, supermarket shelves barriers shall be erected or baffle, on the one hand to keep items order, on the other hand, also can have the effect of safety. ” Similar to the appearance of supermarket shelves are stacked items, a supermarket customer service as a person, a supermarket usually have strict rules. Her confession, practice, shelves stacked items don't have standard representation are widespread. The as people said, the staff in the actual operation, for convenience, for sale of goods from the warehouse pile up on the arrival of the goods shelf, in case of urgent need. In operation, however, some operations staff are often not in accordance with the standard requirements, place article presents the top-heavy situation, there will be potential safety hazard. The as people show that will strengthen employee safety education, and set up some barriers or baffle, etc. , in order to ensure safety. The security hidden danger, of course, is not only the shelf itself, mainly supermarket management personnel's improper operation, put on shelves lack safe sense.
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