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Supermarket shelves types and USES _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-22
Supermarket shelves has always been more popular in our shelves, we can also be found in our daily life, there are more and more supermarkets appear in our life, then, the appearance of supermarket shelves is becoming more and more frequently, so we let us learn together supermarket shelves types and purposes. The category of supermarket shelves is various, according to the supermarket ( Stores) Size is mainly can be divided into the following categories: a, large supermarket shelves, Can also be called hypermarket shelves) Supermarket goods display is rich, so the shelf bearing requirements higher. The main customer is the national mall. Second, the standard supermarket shelves, Also called medium supermarket shelves) The shelf is designed for standard supermarket development of shelves, the biggest characteristic is light, beautiful, it has no big supermarket shelves as complex type of attachment, and also made the corresponding adjustment on display, pay more attention to the commodity display effect and humanized display. Its main customers for the local medium-sized supermarket chain type. Three, convenience store shelf convenience store shelves for convenience store, drugstore shop, using no tool to install, easy to install. Shelves the biggest characteristic is delicate, light, beautiful, strong specialization. Supermarket shelves according to its position in stores use mainly divided into: 1, single shelf ( Is mainly used to rely on a wall) 2, 3 double sided shelves, end frame, For a row of the ends of the double sided shelves) With the continuous development of the supermarket industry, in order to meet the requirements of the supermarket display, enterprises and developed a series of zone shelves, such as cleaning shelf, clothes rack etc. Relevant recommendations: in detail: the specifications of the supermarket shelves and how many money to buy a set of classification of supermarket shelves? Supermarket shelves cost control method to introduce the role and function of supermarket shelves
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