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Supermarkets, wooden shelves to be fixed? _【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
Supermarkets, wooden shelves should be necessary when the fixed? There are online news reported bank counter onto the little girl, let us for wooden supermarket shelves fixed the problem. We have for specific instructions on wooden shelves deformation had collapsed. Now fixed topics to discuss about the wooden supermarket shelves. Wooden supermarket shelves have necessary fixed: generally speaking, height is less than 2500 mm of hand control frame is not fixed, manipulation by forklift or other handling equipment is fixed. The gallows in the supermarket is not higher than the height, usually wooden frame is mostly flat. Display of food and vegetables wooden supermarket shelves does not need to be fixed, but the display of red wine shelf there should be some fixed measures against the wall. The layout of the supermarket shelves is the main content of the store layout. The supermarket wooden braided channel determines the direction of the activities of the customer. Whether using vertical cross, oblique cross, radial, free is still the layout directly, all should be a certain amount of flexibility, the change of the business content to satisfied customers. It is necessary to adjust the layout of the supermarket shelves. Therefore, all kinds of wooden shelves in the form of combination of modern supermarkets, only a handful of stores in the form of fixed. By wooden wall supermarket shelves fixed methods: can use rivet, the shelf on the wall. All the shelves with thick wire strung together. With a electric drill in some parts of the shelves on hole, shelves and a wall with a nail gun fixed together. Wooden supermarket shelves design to ensure the goods display shelves suitable area and space, make commodities can effectively demonstrate its decorate level to arrange the different varieties, vertical display varieties of different specifications and grades. Proper space for the goods not only vertically, and provide convenience for salesman shelves, loaning, clean. At the same time also to pay more attention to the stability of the supermarket shelves to wooden, avoid unnecessary loss.
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