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Use opportunely checkout improve store revenue _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-23
We all know the register is generally after customers to buy the product, in the end to checkout area. We carefully observe food shopping mall ( The supermarket) Near the checkout counter, often set up some small shelves, deliberately some small products piled up in the customer ready to check out the channels on both sides, so as to attract the attention of the customer, in order to achieve the purpose of product sales again. In addition, some stores will increase the length of the cash register, specially in addition to the cash register that puts on the cash register equipment; Will be the most popular or part of the best-selling products are put at the checkout counter, to provide customers 'second promotion' service during checkout. Actually take ( Cake) Bakery sells the cashier, the cashier should be ( Cake) Bakery sells commander in chief, and the cashier is like a commander, why do you say so? In general, Cake) Bakery, the position of the register are mostly set up near the gate entrances and exits, and behind the cash register has arranged the cashier do the invoicing service for customers; In this case, the cashier will inevitably face the customers and direction for service at the gate. Therefore, as long as the cashier at the checkout process for the customer, at any time with the eye corner attention have new customers in the door, can clever shouted 1: 'welcome', in addition to outside can give customers a feeling of warm reception: can this sentence 'welcome to' the voice alert other waiter get ready to receive new customers. In short at the checkout counter surface display of products; Or near the cashier put small shelf products; Or placed a coffee machine. In terms of per unit area, you will always find the chance to clinch a deal, which should all stores in the top three, regardless of the mesa at the checkout counter, front, rear or nearby area, as long as you can display our key products, appropriate is likely to attract the attention of customers reached 100%, vision, its products brought in nature will be more high than stores other areas.
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