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Use opportunely supermarket shelves make soho race's workshop

by:Hshelf     2020-05-31

supermarket shelves has light is heavy, there is a small, naturally, there is a suitable for supermarket shelves, we make soho clan the workshop is to our supermarket shelves will create a smart, the most flattering soho race's workshop. All sorts of professional people began their home or ideas, or serious, or nervous, or fun journey, so the supermarket shelves of various styles of work areas appear in people's homes, and each have each, each have each. Someone says: can turn stone into gold, the decaying into a magical things, that is the most admirable. And put the most common and white, with qiao supermarket shelves into a comfort zone, that is I want to do. Even if we are engaged in the work, is an ordinary job again. But even if the scrap metal, in our minds and hands, can be like the starlight gleams of summer. Even a blank sheet of paper can be excavated its story. Can find everything all in the right place, described this as if is in soho race's workshop. Optional paved lamb lamb skin, under the ornament of supermarket shelves, turned into a western feel. Chinese prints the tiger and the adornment of the sandbags mean is local. New Chinese style style seats, relying on the NBA's bag with white fur effect caused by conflict. Graffiti style of decoration, and emphasizes the artistic conception of photography, will be a normal window create a HIP - The feeling of HOP. Limited product toys and with delicate handwritten book, presents a more advanced play style. Simple but slightly temperament of restoring ancient ways of lamps and lanterns with display case seems to be the most harmonious couple. But the table side with a group of cases with tiny kicked off the grid and the distance of the word restoring ancient ways, this is the charm of supermarket shelves, also we need to do. Make ordinary things show extraordinary beauty, let everything become inspired the props at work, perhaps this is what we want.

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