High-End Retail Shelving Solutions

What about the lead time of retail shop shelving systems from placing a order to delivery?
This is reliant on the order quantity of shop shelving and the production schedule of Hshelf Retail Solutions Co., Ltd.. We have the word that the processing of the order will be as quick as possible. This is done in order. Once the demand is high, the production line will reach its full potential. We have good control over every manufacturing process. It takes a certain amount of time.

Hshelf Shop Shelving deals with gondola shelving and exports to many countries. The shop shelving series is widely praised by customers. The product is 100% scratch-proof. It is rigorously tested against abrasion and scratching, guaranteeing to keep the same brilliance of finish. The product is well received by famous brands worldwide, such as Walmart, RT-Mart, and FamilyMart. Innovation is seen as a key driver for Hshelf Shop Shelving's growth. Its design can enlarge the storage space horizontally and vertically.

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