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What are common convenience store shelves display put _ 【 Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-18
With the continuous development of convenience store industry, higher request to convenience store image, good shelf display help store sales, so, the convenience store shelves what are the common way to put on display? 1. Convenience store shelves put type planning according to the grid, the grid planning is a convenience store product display shelves and customers grow party organization shape section in channel, and each is consistent with vice channel width in the main, all convenience store shelves parallel or orthogonal to each other. Can make full use of space; Racking standard, facilitate customer shopping; Choose standardized shelves, can save cost; To simplify the product management and security work. 2. Convenience store shelves island-style planning put, is to point to in the center of the premises islands way, decorate the does not set the display shelves in the center of the island convenience store products. 3. Convenience store shelves free flow type, is convenient customer as a starting point, trying to make products of maximum limit to show the customer now. Planning, customers can through the various convenience store shelves and display units; Can promote the customer's emotional purchase; Facilitate customers at ease browse, won't produce urgently. Relevant article recommended convenience store shelf size and put skill convenience store shelves put points have? Should pay attention to what convenience store shelves
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