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What are the _ 【 fresh supermarket shelves Hshelf shelf 】

by:Hshelf     2020-06-20
Now as people living standard is generally increase, the demand for fresh fruit is becoming more and more big, whether large chain supermarket, a supermarket or a small community, will sell some fresh fruit, meet the needs of customers. In order to better show fresh goods, need to purchase a dedicated fresh shelves as display. The next fresh supermarket shelves manufacturers oceans will introduce you to fresh shelves of problem such as style, size and material, let us together and guangzhou Hshelf shelves manufacturer to learn together. A: the design of fresh shelves have? According to the display of different commodity demand, fresh supermarket shelves generally have single-sided, double-sided island and framework cane against the wall to the three baskets, general small supermarket paragraphs with single wall and double island is more, larger scale of paragraphs in the single side against the wall and double island, on the basis of rattan basket with mismatched framework for fruits and vegetables of promotional display. The size of the two: fresh shelves have? Since fresh shelves there are three kinds of style, the size, of course, there are three kinds of specifications. In oceans production of fresh supermarket shelves, for example, the size of the single shelf to W400 L1000 * * H1700mm/group; Double the size of the shelves for W800 L1000 * * H1500mm/group; Rattan basket frames the size of the majority is custom size. Three: fresh shelf material have? Often see fresh shelves made of iron, wood and steel also these three, but after considering the fruit and vegetable display and convenience of customers, also on the shelf is tie-in a wooden box knitting cany basket is taken out or make perfect goods.
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