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What elements should be paid attention to when designing the sample display cabinet?

by:Hshelf     2020-02-11
As a facility mainly used for displaying some products in shopping malls, supermarkets and other areas, the sample display cabinet generally has a distinctive appearance. In addition, its function is also very powerful, this can help businesses achieve better profitability. Therefore, when we design the sample display cabinet, we also need to consider it to a certain extent. Next, Xiao Bian will come to talk about what elements need to be paid attention to when designing the sample display cabinet. 1. Area, the sample display cabinet must take into account the regional factors in the design process, specifically refers to the shape and size of the sample display cabinet and how to arrange the position between the various parts. In addition, the color matching requirements of different regions are also different, which is embodied in the coordination between the product and the display cabinet to give people a logical feeling, rather than a big disconnect between the two, it is best to give consumers a refreshing feeling. 2. Aesthetic feeling, when it comes to aesthetic feeling, is actually the balance and stability of the relative position of the sample display cabinet itself and the relative position of the display cabinet and the place where it is placed. After having stability and balance, only in this way can we better convey what the brand wants to express to consumers. 3. The display brand is not only the object of display and sales, but also these products are integrated into the store atmosphere and play an indispensable role in the store, it can greatly affect the consumer's consumption behavior. Therefore, the design of the sample display cabinet should be integrated with the furnishings of the products. These are the major elements that need to be paid attention to when designing the sample display cabinet. Xiao Bian believes that if you want to really design a good sample display cabinet, it is still necessary for designers to pay their utmost efforts and efforts to carefully ponder the hearts of consumers. Therefore, if you also have relevant needs, welcome to pay attention to Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd!

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