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What factors should be considered when placing shelves in supermarket convenience stores

by:Hshelf     2019-12-25
In life, we often see the goods displayed on the convenience shelves of supermarkets, and these goods are often displayed on the shelves and can be easily purchased by customers. This involves a problem of shelf placement, so, what factors should be considered when placing shelves in supermarket convenience stores? Below, Xiaobian will introduce to you. As a professional supermarket convenience store shelf supplier, Suzhou Huanshi believes that in fact, when we use the shelves, we always pay attention to quality and beauty, and few people will mention how to decorate the beauty, therefore, this is a point to consider. At the same time, when placing, we must first determine the style of the shelf itself, especially the height and width. The height of the shelf should generally be designed according to the specific situation and the needs of human activities. The height of the shelf should be adapted to the height of the human body to facilitate customer shopping, specific adjustments can be made according to the high end. You can also use the law of the golden section, that is, the length and width are 1:0. The proportion of 618 creates a rational beauty. The plane discharge of shelves is also very important, and there are many ways to choose from, including queue type, island type and radiation type, etc. It is very important to determine how to decorate the shelves through different heights and layouts. And we can also determine according to our preferences. All in all, the supermarket convenience store Hshelf Shop Shelving need to be placed to consider a variety of factors, but the core is to serve customers, to facilitate everyone's purchase, and to bring business to supermarket convenience stores. As a professional supplier of such products, Suzhou Huanshi shelf Co. , Ltd. can provide first-class service and guidance in this respect, which is worthy of everyone's choice.

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