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What is the general convenience store supermarket shelves size

by:Hshelf     2020-06-15
With the popularization and development of all kinds of large and small supermarket, also gradually emerged some similar at supermarkets and convenience stores also appeared in the people's attention, so they need the supermarket shelves and shelves of what's the difference? In general, convenience stores and supermarkets are very similar, but in general the supermarket space will be larger, and convenience stores is limited by space, most with single specification as follows: L900 * D350 - 450*H1200- 1800毫米; Double sided specifications for: L900 * D700 - 900*H1200- 1800 mm supermarket shelves. Which is adopted by the general store standard size. Of course, there are some convenience stores of some irregular space, which is not suitable for use to the requirement of supermarket shelves, at this time, planning and design requires us to visit, to customize a set of shelves to perfect cooperation space, this is the best situation.
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